New Honey house on the build

Published on 16 January 2021 at 17:36

I have decided to build an honey extraction room at the bottom of the garden. because it gets very busy in the house with living and extracting honey can get very messy and clutterd with equipment in the honey season. and my ears take a bit of stick too.



I started off by marking out the area and leveling the ground for a 9 x 6 ft room. I dug out wet sticky mud and started adding a pea gravel to create a base. then compacted it down with a compactor which i borrowed. then i purchased what they call probase grids to create a shed base that you fill wtih pea gravel. ( around 20 bags ) This can withstand quite a lot of weight to create a good solid base. This was because it was cheeper and easier option for me insted of a concrete pad.


This is the finished area i am just waiting for some more pennies to finnish the projet but its a start.

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