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Welcome To Bizzy Bee Honey here at bizzy bee honey we produce great tasting local honey , untreated 100% natural honey , Buckfast bee nucs , Bee Experiences, Beeswax candles and bee related gifts , during the year we attend market stalls and fairs where you can meet us and sometimes meet the bees & also find us selling our honey and beeswax candles & gifts.


Our honey is also supplied to local shops, butchers, delicatessen We produce seasonal 5 & 6 nucleus colonies of Buckfast bees for National or WBC & Langstroth hives.

Our delicious linconshire local honey is a natural seweetness straight from the hive. natural honey , very foral and golden,nectar collected from garden flowers wild hedges and surrounding trees.


We sell runny and softset local honey, softset is churned to make a very soft spreadable honey which is lovely to spread on toast or nice crusty bread. avalible in 340g 12oz jars.


  We hope you enjoy our delicious honey as we do at bizzy bee honey


Our 5/6 frame nucs of bees for National or WBC hives & Langstroth / Flow Hive, These are ideal for someone who is just starting out beekeeping or building up their apiary they are excellent and calm temperament Buckfast bees, with our nucleus colonies for sale are just perfect for you too keep in your garden.

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How To Create An Artificial Swarm

Swarming is a natural process that enables honey bees to increase numbers and colonise new areas away from the original colony. Honey bee colonies will begin preparing to raise new queens and swarm usually between mid-April to mid-June, But late swarming can also take place during July and August in certain conditions.

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Nucleus colony

A nucleus colony, or nuc, is essentially a smaller hive, in a smaller box, consisting of bees in all stages of development, as well as food, a laying queen, and enough workers to cover from three to six frames.

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How we light a smoker

Here at bizzy bee honey one of the of tools we use is the bee smoker it stands out as a one of the main tools that a beekeeper uses, this guide will explain how we light ours and keep it going.

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