How we light a smoker

Published on 13 January 2024 at 10:45

Here at bizzy bee honey one of the of tools we use is the bee smoker it stands out as a one of the main tools that a beekeeper uses, this guide will explain how we light ours and keep it going.

Get the smoker ready before going to the hive, by giving it a good clean out first , Always light your smoker before putting on your veil, and gloves (especially latex or rubber gloves), you don’t want gloves melted onto your hands or a hole melted in your veil !

Certain fuel's can be used for instance, cardboard, egg boxes, sacking, or straw pellets and fir cones Just test some of your chosen media to see if it burns before using.


We use empty toilet roll card tubes to get it lit and then wood chips You have to light the smoker from the bottom up.

light a small amount of card into the smoker then pump the bellows of the smoker to get a flame going then we add a few wood chips to start with, then spend a couple of minutes pumping the bellows again to get the smoke going you dont want lots of flames.


Then add some more wood chips into the smoker and occasionally shaking the chamber to get the material to settle down and then fill over half way. Once we have it going we just keep topping it up with a small amount of cardbord now and again but most of the time its wood chips that keep the smoker alight for hours.


Wer buy our smoker wood chips in a 5kg bag form Thornes beekeeping supplies

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