6 Frame Over-Wintered Nuc 2025 Of Buckfast Bees

New Pre Order For 2025

A 6 frame nuc of overwintered Buckfast bees for sale in a reusable correx travel box with a marked Green F1 Buckfast queen on DN4 British Standard frames making it suitable for National or WBC hives.

The bees we offer are ideal for someone who is just starting out or building up their apiary, These are bees from our own apiaries and are excellent calm temperament and hardworking bees.


Nucs will be available from around End Of May 2025 however, this is completely subject to the weather conditions during the spring.

The Bees Are overwintered with a marked 2024 Buckfast Queen on 6 x DN4 frames Our nucs are supplied in a reusable correx travel box  ( These are very useful around the apiary ) with a balance of bees of all ages, newly laid eggs, sealed brood, and honey stores for food.


Bee health is very imprtant to us, all our Colonies are treated with Apiguard in August and Oxalic Acid (ApiBioxal) in january, to treat against varroa. and thoroughly inspected against any diseases before being sold, and comply with the latest guidelines set by Defra for the Sale of Honey Bees.


Deposit to pay now £50 and £140 to pay on collection, or pay full price now.


COLLECTION ONLY - ( But delivery can be made available within 25 miles of grimsby )

( Please choose your delivery option in the checkout )


When The bees are ready for collection from us. Collection will take place early morning on a weekend between 08:00am and 11:00am preferably.


keep an eye out for updates. You May receive emails informing you of their Status. Or a telephone call to let you know there ready.



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This plastic bee feeder holds approx 4 pints of syrup and it is useful for building up nucs once in there hive. The center cover prevents bees from escaping. Can be refilled with ease without removing it from the hive. fits inside an empty super.


4 pints = 2.25 litres = 1/2 gallon


Height: 92mm

Width: 215mm


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