Bee Experience


Here at Bizzy Bee Honey, we are passionate about bees and beekeeping, we have been keeping bees for over 12 years and are really pleased to be able to offer the chance to have a small group beekeeping experience.

Maybe you're thinking of taking up the craft and want to try it first or maybe you're just interested in bees and wonder what beekeepers do, either way the experience is for you.


The experience will take place at Hallington, a village just outside Louth where there are lots of different Hives and plants for bees for you to see. We'll talk you through the tools beekeepers use and provide all of the equipment you need to have a go yourself.


We'll show you how we keep bees, You can take a look in a beehive and get a feel of how to handle the bees, we'll show you some of what to look for and maybe you'll spot the queen!


When we're finished there'll be time for questions, a chat and a cup of tea along with some honey to take home with you.


What's Included

An informative and interacting two and half-hours beekeeping experience for one, this is the closest you will get to see inside a hive of honey bees.


This will be a hands-on interaction, with a fascinating and intelligent insect, we will be using a smoker and learning how much is used on the hive, looking into the daily lives of a bee with a chance to hold frames of bees, help to inspect the hive looking for eggs, larvae and even seeing if you can spot the queen, look for different coloured pollen and honey, learn some of the roles of a beekeeper, and also learn the important roles of the bees. You may be with others who are also enjoying this experience, questions are welcomed, bee suits & gloves will be provided for you to wear for protection, and you also get the chance to try some of the locally produced honey.


You will leave this experience buzzing with a greater knowledge of how our pollinating and hard-working bees live and the importance that beekeeping and the honey bees can be.


( You will need to bring long cuff wellies for yourselves to wear with the bee suits )

Participant Guidelines

Child visit is a minimum age of 6


All children must Accompanied by an adult


You will be sent an email with the information of address and times two weeks before your set date


The experience is unsuitable for those in wheelchairs. Walking away from the bees after the experience is essential


( You will need to bring long cuff wellies for yourselves to wear with the bee suits )


( Do not wear aftershave's or perfume's as cosmetic smells can irritate honeybees )


The experience is unsuitable for those with allergies to bees of any kind we cannot guarantee you won’t get stung but will do our very best to ensure you don’t - if you have any sting allergies this experience isn’t for you.


Unfortunately, we can't control the weather If on the day we decide that the weather is too bad to inspect the bees then an alternative date for the Experience day will be offered. notification could be at short notice.


When you arrive you will be asked to sign a form with a few terms and conditions


Unfortunately, we do not have any toilet facilities on-site the nearest would be louth town centre which is 5 mins away.